Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things to do

Inspired after watching "The Bucket List" with Mogran Freemond and Jack Nickolson

- sail across the mediterannean with a close friend
- learn to free dive
- get locked inside a library on accident and sleep covered with paperbacks
- make a mess with paint
- build a birdhouse
- eat snow
- cook with a famous chef
- play the bass with Godji
- get a hug from Paul Hewson a.k.a Bono
- read to Georgi Kaloyanchev
- spend a day with Chad again writing poetry
- take a trip somewhere far
- get a kiss and give a kiss without thinking
- make my parents proud
- play a game of soccer with Dimitar Berbatov
- eat ice-cream with Jamil Hawkins on hippie hill
- learn to dance the tango like some hot babe on the movies

And lots of other things I'll come up with

Starting to work on these tomorow JK

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