Sunday, October 24, 2010

I went to my old professor’s open studio today, it was really nice, we made art out of eggs. Definitely check out the events around the height ashbury if you are into things like that! Then went home to tidy up my room. I listened to PHOENIX and sang like no one could hear me, it was fun. Then after I was done my brother and I played soccer in the rain and fought in the wet grass, dropping each other on the ground over and over. Over all it was a good day!!

Some poetry lines:

We are scavenger birds,
Finding the weakest point of the shell
It’s so easy to slip
An old man places his memories
Safely away for the winter
He dresses them in flames
So easy to forget
A girl hides her understanding
On top of a dusty lamp
But every body looks up every once in a while
I can still remember
The indent of your foot in the grass


Friday, October 22, 2010

Yesterday, one of my best friends manuel hernandez and i went to Macy’s and tried on literally almost every pair of shoes, even the ones with high heels shhh!! lmao; then we smelled perfumes my pockets are full of paper cards I was sniffing on the way back home. We jay walked a busy cross section of market and went to the library to look at photography books by Gordon Parks, splashed in the fountain on UN plaza, had Italian soda at brainwash cafe [which by the way will be the venue for my fav band STONED ON SUNDAYS (this is going to take longer than a page for me to tell you how great they are) , you know just reminding ya'll, they are gonna be playing there on the 30th!!! Woo!] and finally took the "F" trolley car listening to the same song on his ipod over and over until we got off. LOL.
sometimes words are unnecessary. just being there for each other is all that matters. And for a fraction of the day neither of us felt the need to look at our watches, or to send text messages or even to notice how tired we were
Ok… changing the subject… how incredible and indescribable it feels to have a special someone who can’t wait to see you the next day, someone to help you overcome your fears, make you feel extraordinary and perfectly human at the same time; someone to hug you all the time and tell you you have beautiful years. I never thought I would find out, but I am starting to. Thank you, to (you know who you are) for fulfilling my life, for being your awesome self and many many other reasons, there is a part of you that will never escape me.
Today, I slid on a water slide that dropped me in a part of the pool which was about eight feet deep. It took me 10 minutes to build up the courage to try it. I felt like I wanted to scream but nothing came out. It was scary and fun at the same time! J
I realize this may be too long of an entry for a first blog, but I haven’t written in a really long time so this is coming welling out of me…
Almost every night after my parents come home over dinner, my brother or I share the day’s experiences and always wind up being lectured on life afterwards. Literally yelled at for not making the right decisions at the right time, for being disorganized, for being na├»ve. Thanks to our parents, we know every single thing we are horrible at, but they never once care to remind us of what we are capable of. They say we both have potential, we have gifts but we are so scattered and distracted that nothing can come out of us, of these gifts. I am not trying to say our parents are mean, or discouraging. They love us, and we love them. They just never take a second to consider our entirely different life styles; they want what’s best for us, but I feel like they don’t know us in order to tell that. I hate that they think they are always right and I hate that neither of us when the moment is presented can think of a really smart argument to rebut lol
I think that’s it for today, more to come on the weekend!
Thank You! Yours truly,