Saturday, January 8, 2011

Things to do

Inspired after watching "The Bucket List" with Mogran Freemond and Jack Nickolson

- sail across the mediterannean with a close friend
- learn to free dive
- get locked inside a library on accident and sleep covered with paperbacks
- make a mess with paint
- build a birdhouse
- eat snow
- cook with a famous chef
- play the bass with Godji
- get a hug from Paul Hewson a.k.a Bono
- read to Georgi Kaloyanchev
- spend a day with Chad again writing poetry
- take a trip somewhere far
- get a kiss and give a kiss without thinking
- make my parents proud
- play a game of soccer with Dimitar Berbatov
- eat ice-cream with Jamil Hawkins on hippie hill
- learn to dance the tango like some hot babe on the movies

And lots of other things I'll come up with

Starting to work on these tomorow JK

Sunday, January 2, 2011



They are tearing down
Building again
Their roots are showing; you see?-
Exposed to or deprived of oxygen
The intensity of concrete lives on
In the eyes of men attempting
To breathe less often



She built a radio
Out of waves
The static is his love
She can’t see but knows is there
Whoever listens to it
But every one?


I shape your longing into king-sized marbles
Like the ones we rolled down a hill
And waited on either side of cement
Like ash on the edge of a tray
Any breeze could pick us up
And disperse us into opposite directions



You are like honey inside a jar
There will be atoms of you left
Like shadows moving
In and out of
Spheres, always a box
To protect them from falling asleep