Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning pronouns

I scalded my throat on the heat of the ocean
Swallowed my childhood up in a second
And wanted to keep it
Like a selfish lion-tamer
Sleeping at the foot of the animal’s cage
Feeding it star light/galaxy light
With a spoon
You’re like the ink spreading inside a pen
Waiting to gush out, to become distorted,
Waiting to touch all sides of the world
You’re like a dictionary of words
Everyone wants to own
He is playing chess with the rain
The roof of a car is an audience
He might have been made to invent names for colors
But he will never know
He might be let loose and lost
She fell in love with a box of charcoal
WIth her fingers dipped in ash – she planted
Headaches in her garden,
Her broken ankle healed as she looked to the top
Of the mountain through her basement window
It is a world of walnut shells and
spider nests, lost keys and found smoke
it spins faster than a laundromat
Nobody knows what to call it
So it falls to the ground with a thud
Nobody keeps it entertained so it falls asleep
And stays asleep like a stainWe burry our eyes in sand
We make forts out of blankets and heavy
Ancient books and hide from our flesh
And blood to hold hands in the warm dark
And to kiss awkwardly
You were only you
Now you are what everyone wants you to be
They punctured pomegranate seeds
And taught each other how to let go of fish
without hurting their mouths
they held each other clasped
tight like particles of blood

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